Preventive Treatment


  • Do you feel prevention is better than cure?
  • Do you think the approach to a healthy smile can start with preventive treatment?
  • Are you curious about the benefits of preventive care?

Preventive dental care caters to both adults and children alike, and it aims to provide a healthy smile. Everyone benefits from preventive dentistry, and it includes:

  • Oral Examination
  • Professional cleaning
  • Diagnostic X-ray
  • Dental sealants
  • Topical Fluoride treatment
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Preventive dental care can help each member of your family to keep a healthy and beautiful smile without any dental decay or periodontal disease. Our precautionary approach to a healthy smile at Smile Sky Family Dental Clinic starts with regular checkups, dental cleanings, fluoride treatment and sealants for children and dental X-rays.

  • Fear of dentists in general which is usually due to a bad experience in the past
  • Fear of embarrassment where they feel that the dentist might judge them or lecture about the oral hygiene
  • Fear of pain due to the dental procedures
  • Fear of losing control due to fear of the dentist or lack of trust in the dentist.
  • Regular checkups with professional cleaning are vital to maintaining your oral health
  • Fluoride treatments help in preventing sugars or bacteria from damaging your teeth
  • Dental sealants fill the deep grooves on teeth and aid in preventing decay in children
  • Dental X-rays can help in early diagnosis of certain diseases and helps in saving time and money in the long run

Look no further than Dr. Dhanani for all your preventive dental care. Book an appointment today and call us at Smile Sky Family Dental Clinic to clarify any questions or concerns that you may have on preventive dental care.

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