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Your visit at Smile Sky Family Dental is uniquely creative & calming to give you the ultimate dental experience: fly above the clouds in the Sky Op or drift through the planets in the Space Op, listen to the calming sounds of the ocean in our Sea Op or relax in the rainforest in the Tree Op, enjoy the mountain peaks of the Himalayas with large 4k Ultra HD TV’s on the ceilings & walls for your entertainment. Breathe in our aromatherapy via infused essential oils washing away your worries while we provide the highest level of treatment while keeping both your heart and health in mind. At Smile Sky, we’re here for you! Our Smile Sky team focuses on delivering permanent solutions with compassion so that you are able to keep your teeth healthy and smiling bright life-long!

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Our high-tech office uses cutting-edge technology paired with a relaxing nature theme to make your visit enjoyable & comfortable. Not only are our treatment rooms set up with large 4K TVs on the ceiling for your comfort and enjoyment, but our dentist takes the time to walk you through your unique oral needs and educate you on your health and treatment options with your X-Rays directly on the TV for a crystal clear visual understanding.

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