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Norcross #1 Invisalign Dentist & Affordable Braces for Adults

  • Do you want an esthetic smile without metal braces?
  • Is Invisalign the right choice of treatment for you?
  • How the treatment of Invisalign feels like?

Are you not confident of your smile? Do you think having braces at your workplace is going to be embarrassing? Then Invisalign is the right choice for straightening your teeth.

Affordable Orthodontics Invisalign Consultation & Treatment Norcross GA

  • What is it? Invisalign straightens the teeth without using those shiny metal braces.
  • How does it work? They employ a series of plastic aligners which generally pass off without

     being noticed unlike the metal or ceramic braces.

  • How long does it take? The treatment involves wearing these plastic aligners for a stipulated period of time, and it is usually customized for

each patient depending on the amount of shifting of teeth.

This game-changing aligner has numerous advantages when compared to the metal braces:

  • Virtually invisible as it does not leave you with a mouth full of metal
  • Being able to remove the braces while eating and brushing. Better oral hygiene measures and minimal risk of gum disease
  • Comfortable to wear since there are no braces to nick the gums or the mouth
  • Low maintenance and they can be scrubbed using a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of bleach and water.

Want to get one today? Please visit Dr. Dhanani, a certified Invisalign provider from Smile Sky Family Dental and all it takes is a digital impression to kick off the process. Your smile is ready to make moves today. Join the invisible revolution.!

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