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Oral Surgery & Tooth Extraction in Norcross GA

  • Do you have painful or broken teeth?
  • Is your wisdom tooth giving a nagging pain?
  • Is your tooth shaking in the mouth and weak?

Emergency Tooth Extraction Norcross GA

Tooth extraction means the removal of the tooth from the dental alveolus (socket) in the bone. It is a quick outpatient procedure performed by a dentist or oral surgeon with either local/general anesthesia or intravenous drugs.

What are the teeth that need an extraction?

  • Broken or damaged tooth because of decay and that cannot be restored.
  • Loose tooth/teeth because of gum disease
  • Extra teeth other than the 32 complement of teeth
  • Some baby teeth that do not fall out in time
  • Teeth to be extracted while placing orthodontic braces
  • Wisdom teeth, either before or after its eruption can lead to problems such as pain, cyst or

infection. Sometimes they get stuck in the jaw and do not come out. This can cause pain and swelling of the surrounding gums

How to prepare for a dental extraction?

  • A dental x-ray may be taken to plan the best way to remove the tooth
  • Upper tooth relationship with sinus will be assessed
  • Wisdom tooth relationship with other teeth will be checked
  • Lower teeth’s relationship with the nerve in the lower jaw region will be evaluated
  • Any infection, tumors or cysts present in the bone will be checked

How to prepare for a dental extraction?

  • A simple extraction where the tooth is visible in the mouth and can be removed using elevator and forceps
  • A complicated extraction where the tooth might be broken off beneath the gum line or the tooth has not come into the mouth yet. This involves

surgically making a cut in the gums and then drilling the bone around the tooth to extract it.

Tips for post-extraction management

  • Use ice-packs on the face to reduce swelling
  • Eat soft, cold foods for a few days
  • Do not smoke or use a straw after tooth extraction as it might dislodge the blood clot out of the socket
  • Use warm water with salt to swish following 24 hours after tooth extraction

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