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Deep Teeth Cleaning in Norcross

Professional Tooth Cleaning for a Healthy Mouth and Body

Come see our deep teeth cleaning experts for your professional dental hygiene analysis and treatment. Did you know the human mouth is by far the dirtiest area on the entire body? Our oral health has a direct connection to our heart health, mood & brain health, digestive health, and overall body health. We provide all types of professional cleanings, and our Smile Sky team excels in getting our patients on the path to a healthy mouth with healthy gums and teeth for a whiter, brighter smile!

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Full Mouth Periodontal Cleaning For You & Your Family

Dental cleanings remove the bacteria that cause cavities, gum disease, and many other health risks. Getting a professional cleaning protects you from oral infections and maintains a healthy, happy heart. Look and feel better with improved oral hygiene by seeing one of our oral health specialists today! 

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What Does It Involve?

Signs you may have gum disease:

  • Excessive plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth as well as the roots
  • Pinching sensation or bleeding present while flossing
  • Redness or irritation appearance on the gums
  • Puffy, swollen, or inflamed gums
  • Adults who do not frequently visit a dentist for professional cleaning
  • Skip flossing and brushing
  • It’s been more than 1 year since your last dental visit
  • Painful gums
  • Cavities present
  • Bad breath or foul taste in mouth

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